Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Delphine's will be open from 10-3 today.

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  1. Hello my sweet friend with the most amazing Quilt store in Michigan!!!!
    How nice to see Katrina has started her wonderful blog!
    I told her I would love to showcase her once she has more photos posted!.
    That girl is an amazing artist and others will be amazed in blogland as to her talents!!!
    The last time I saw you in the store Dave was just getting ready for a colonoscopy...
    Jan. 7th he was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver and colon cancer...My worst nightmare.
    It has been a roller coaster ride to the likes of one we've never been on.
    I will not go into it here on your blog...Just wanted you to know.
    I have posted about this miraculous journey we're on in my blog....There are "Updates" starting back in January up to the present.
    Reading them should give you insight.
    Through it all we have found GOD to be FAITHFUL...and an AMAZING comforter and provider.
    Hoping to see you soon.
    Friday...Major Surgery for Dave in G.Rapids @ Spectrum....hopefully stop to see you sometime this summer.
    Pray for your successful business often,


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