Monday, May 24, 2010

Quilt Market

Phew, we're home now!  We drove for 11 hours yesterday (from 11 to 11, figure that out :)).

Here are some great pictures and fun things from the weekend:

I found the PERFECT Alpenfest quilt!  Mom bought a few patterns, and we're so excited for the sample!

Dirndl Dress Shoppe by Alison Tichenor and Diane Carter

Isn't this just awesome?

There were some lunch bag samples, so, of course, they needed food to put in them :)

Isn't this just the greatest dog quilt ever?

This is a Judy Neimeyer design.  I've told Mom this is what I want as a wedding quilt.  Granted, I don't even have a boyfriend, actually, I've never had a boyfriend, but I know what I want for a wedding quilt!

There seems to be something wrong here...

I got to learn how to use Paintstiks at one booth.  They're pretty fun :)

This is a rubber chicken, and it's signed by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson :)  Ricky and Alex were throwing them as prizes at an Accu-cut party :)

I took a "Little Birds" class, and I got to make a peacock!  Mom sat in on part of the class, since she had an hour to kill before her appointment with Moda, and they let her make one too :)  She hasn't had time to finish it yet. 


  1. Love all your special "finds"! The dirndl quilt is awesome! I'd like to learn how to use those paint stix. See you soon.

  2. The dirndl quilt is so cute even though applique is not my thing, very Alpenfest.

    The quilt you picked for a wedding quilt is gorgeous but looks very hard, if you Mom starts now maybe she could have it done by a wedding for you!!!

  3. Thanks, Judy! I could teach you how to use them :)

    Vicki, glad you like it too! It's fusible applique, too, so it should be pretty easy :)
    Haha, yeah, she could always get a head start :)


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