Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun and Easy Projects

I just finished a couple of samples for the store.  They were so quick and easy!  They look great too.

We have a pattern for making roses out of Jelly Rolls, so I made a sample.  I didn't use a Jelly Roll; I just cut a few strips from some batiks.  These took almost no time to make, and I think they're really pretty.

I also made a sample for the "It's a Wrap" book by Susan Breier that teaches you how to make plates, baskets, bowls, and purses out of fabric-wrapped clothesline.  It's really surprisingly easy and fast.


  1. Both items are very cool! I made baskets like that in my childhood with yarn. Hmmmm, maybe a nice stash busting project!

  2. Super Katrina! I love them both or I should say ALL. How much fabric does the rose take? Just one strip? plus leaves? Kit? Thanks.

  3. Thanks! You're right, the baskets would be great for stash busting!

    The roses use one 2 1/2 inch strip by the full width of the fabric each. The pattern tells you to get two fat quarters for the leaves, but it depends on how many roses you make, since each rose looks best with 3 leaves. Mom says, yes, we should make kits of this! I think that may be added to my list of jobs for today :)


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