Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quilt Market Quilt Show

The quilt show at Market was pretty small, but it had some great quilts!

"Let's all Spring Forward" by Rosalie Baker

"Curiosity" by Pauline Barrett

"Daffodils" by Barbara Holtzman

"SHH! She's Sleeping!" by Barbara McKie

"Morels in May" by Barbara Douglas

"North and South" by Lois Akins, machine quilted by Leslie Sparks

"Seven Steps To..." by Lora Libigs Colby

"Through These Doors Pass Family and Friends" by Joan Rutherford

"Entrata A Siena" by Merrilee J. Tieche

"Begonias at Butchart Gardens" by Pat Rollie

"Stained Glass Flowers" by Leigh Elking

"Three Color Study Quilt" by Alice Heckman

"Spring Breeze" by Shirley Gisi

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