Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pictures from the Store

Just some pictures so you can browse around and see what the shop looks like.  Sorry some of the pictures aren't the greatest quality; the camera and I were having some differences of opinion. 

We have lots and lots of 1800s fabrics!

We have a great selection of batiks (more than can fit in this picture).

One of the newer lines of fabric we have is based on the old Dolly Dingle paper dolls.  You can even make the fabric into "paper" dolls, which are adorable, fun, and a little more durable than paper :) 


You can even make little tiny dolls!  These would be perfect for playing with in the car or in church (for the kids to play with, that is).

Flannel graph!

The "purse tower." There are multiple great patterns for purses and some gorgeous samples.

Some of the fun/novelty/kids prints.


You can rent instructional quilting DVDs!

We have a great selection of books, plus a chair to relax in! You can always tell your husband or friend to bring a book to read, and they can relax and read while you shop :)

On the other side of the books, toward the back of the store, we have a sale section. There is more in the sale section than there is in just this picture!

I thought I would make a couple panoramas of the store. If you click on these, you can get a bigger picture to look through and see what the front of the store looked like as of 10:00 this morning!

This is the front of the store.  You can see part of the window of the herb shop next door.  Next to the herb shop, there's a used book store with books, books, books, and more books!

This is the front of another neighbor, Isabella's Copper Pot Kitchen Shop. There is a door inside that opens between our two stores, so, if you finish shopping before your friend(s), you can always walk over and browse through some amazing kitchen supplies. I highly recommend checking them out; there are some spectacular items over there!

Here are some pictures of the inside of Isabella's.  You can see the door between our stores in this first one:

Behind Isabella's is Glenda's, which is well worth checking out.

They have so many great displays that I could hardly decide which one to take a picture of.  I went with the frogs.


  1. Amazing - it's beneficial to show the other shops one could visit on a road trip!
    Enjoyed the panoramic views!

  2. Thanks! I had fun making the panoramas :) Glad you enjoyed them!


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