Wednesday, May 12, 2010

About the Shop

Delphine's opened in downtown Gaylord at the beginning of October 2008.  Delphine has been quilting for 30+ years and is known by many from working at the former quilt shop in Gaylord, Quilter's General Store.  When that store closed, many were saddened that there would no longer be a quilt shop in Gaylord.  After much consideration (and after her son's advice of, "Well, with me getting married, and Katrina going to school, what else are you going to do with your time?), Delphine decided to become a business owner.

Delphine has made approximately 200 quilts of varying sizes.  Several were commissioned pieces, several more were donated to warm the hearts and bodies of people in crisis, some were given as gifts, and she owns approximately 40, which are displayed at her home and in the store.  Delphine has presented trunk shows of her quilt collection, which includes several antiques.   There are another 20+ “Works in Progress" waiting for the day they will be finished, including one that is 23 years in the making.  She has exhibited quilts at the AQS show in Paducah and one quilt was selected to hang at the museum in Paducah as a representative of mid-west quilting guilds.   A hand made Sampler quilt was featured in the premier issue of Quilting Today.  Her ribbon box includes ribbons for Best of Show and Best Workmanship.  In addition, several blocks were selected to be included in the Raffle quilts that Fairfield batting and Wal-Mart used to participate in.  She has taught a variety of quilting classes throughout the states of Michigan and New York.

Delphine's favorite quilts have lots and lots of pieces, with as many different fabrics as possible.  There is a charm quilt with over 5000 charm pieces in her resume.  She loved sorting the pieces!  (Her family has "fond" memories of helping with that ;-) )  While she must admit to having been a machine quilting snob when it first came on the scene, she has since changed her thoughts.   While some hand quilting and piecing is still done, most of her quilts are finished by machine on her 29-year-old 801 Bernina.  Hand piecing is very relaxing and enjoyable, but her desire to make quilts sees her using the machine for most of her quilt making.

Also helping Delphine at the store are Kathy Williams, Donna Cottrell, Cheryl Code, Diane Schlak, and Roxann Morin.  Of course, her husband, Dennis, helps with many behind-the-scenes jobs, and keeps the store supplied with Diamond and W'nder thimbles.  He invented the thimbles when Delphine requested a more comfortable thimble (the first thimble was made out of a pop bottle), and the thimbles are now shipped around the world (but no long made of pop bottles)!  Katrina, Delphine's daughter works at the shop when she's not at college, and she keeps the website updated (and is writing this post).  Katrina and Delphine will be updating this blog as frequently as possible, so you can always stay informed about the latest news from the shop!


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