Friday, May 21, 2010

Sample Spree

Now that I'm not so tired, and since I wasn't able to get signed up for any classes today, I'm going to post some pictures of what we got at Sample Spree last night.

Books, patterns, thread, DVDs, scissor fobs...

We found some kits for super soft blankets.  The fabric is like Minkee, only with more patterns and variations.  It's super soft :)

We also got some fat quarter bundles and fruit and vegetable packs.

I got this for myself :)  I've been wanting to design a pattern like this for years, and this one looks really good.  The samples were very nice.  I should learn a lot from this :)

Okay, now I'm off to spend the rest of the day checking out vendor booths!


  1. Such pretty things. The show and conference sounds inspirational

  2. Oh, it's been spectacular! Just wait till you see the pictures from today! I don't think they'll be going up tonight, though; I need to take a break :P It's been quite a day :)

  3. So happy that I can peek in on you and your mom's activities! When will you be home?

  4. Oops - so you know, Judy in Michigan is Judy Stone!!!

  5. Awesome! Hi Judy! We're home now, and I've been home for the summer for a couple weeks :)


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