Friday, May 21, 2010


I know, what's a post about Legos doing here?  I'm at Quilt Market, right?  Well, this post is a little out of order.  It's actually from when we got here on Wednesday and went to the Mall of America.  We basically just went there so we could see the Lego store, because it's pretty awesome :)  Here are some pictures of the amazing models they have there.  I so wish I had enough Legos (and enough time) to make one of these.

 Jango Fett
Am I a complete nerd for knowing who this is?  Probably.


I love that they have big models of the old Aquaraiders sets.  I grew up with these!  I love them :)
Whoops, looks like the octopus caught an aquanaut.

I also love that they made large versions of the old space sets.  These are my favorite space sets.

They also have a place where you can build and race cars.  My car's winning here :)

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