Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Here we have some fun samples of various things :)

First, here's one I made.  It's just a simple, cute strip quilt.  We already have one like this with jungle animals, and then we got farm fabric in!  This is the very first quilt I've machine quilted.

The back is fun, too :)

This is Jerri's sample for the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star.  It's not hanging at the store right now, but it was here while she was teaching the class a few days ago.

...and this is Judy's new sample for the beginning quilting class.  Mom used to teach it, and Judy's taking over.

This is the "Chubby Charmer".  Jerri's teaching this class on Wednesday, September 21, 10-4.

Remember that Quilt of Valor quilt I posted earlier? (  It's finally done!  Kathy Hughes of Brandywine Design quilted it on her longarm.  She did a great job!  In the store, we have business cards and quilting samples from several longarmers in the area.  They all do great work. 

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