Thursday, August 11, 2011

Marbling Gallery

Here are some of my favorite pieces that Mom and I made while marbling over the last couple of days.  We taught a class downstate, then did some more marbling at home :)  Generally, I tend to do pictorial pieces, and she does more traditional ones, so we get a nice assortment of fun stuff.

I figured out how to make dragons!  This one is my favorite:

Lost your marbles?


  1. These are terrific!! You should sell some of these!! I love those deep blues.

  2. I really like your fabrics. I want to take a class so bad but it hasn't fit in the hectic summer schedule. Ohh, there isn't one pictured that I don't like!!!!! Very nice job and the dragon is great.

  3. Thanks!! We actually are hoping to sell some of these :) And we could always look into setting up a marbling class on a day that works for you!


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