Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Marble

Mom and I taught another class on marbling! Well, actually, Mom taught it, I was just there to help.  Then, we came home and used up the supplies we didn't use in classs. It was great.  Marbling's always fun.  

So, how exactly does one marble fabric?  Well, first, you start with a carageean base.  It's basically a super liquidy gel.

Then, you take some special acrylic paints and splatter/float them on the surface of the carageean.

...add more colors...

At this point, you have a "stone" pattern.  You can stop here, or you can use a skewer or a rake to pull the paints around.

When you're done raking, you can stop there, or you can add specific drops of paint and turn them into flowers.

There we go, design's all done.  Now, you lay a piece of fabric on it...

...and then you pull the fabric off!


  1. Well done Katrina! Good progression of the process and a fantastic finish!! Love the flowers!


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