Friday, June 4, 2010

Sale Fat Quarter Special!

We've been going through the shop and weeding out all of the fat quarters of fabrics that we no longer have on the bolt.  They've all been tossed into the sale fat quarter bin/tree/tower, and it's nearly overflowing now!  For the next two weeks (ending June 19), when you buy 12 or more sale fat quarters, they will be $1.25 each, instead of the usual $1.50 each (batiks will be $1.50, instead of $1.75).


  1. Hi Katrina and Delphine! I love the blog and will add it to one of those that I regularly check. are setting the bar pretty high....what's your mom to do when you go back to college? I'm sure she will step in with the same number of posts and beautiful pictures! At least, that is what I will be expecting from Delphine....Miss ya all, Dawn

  2. Hi! Thanks :D I'm sure she'll step up to it :)


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