Monday, June 27, 2011


For those who aren't always confident how to pick coordinating colors, here's a tip: 
If you're familiar with the selvage edge of fabric, you know how it has those little dots of color with numbers in them.  You can use those to pick out coordinating colors.  Pick a fabric, then look at the colors on the selvage, and those will be all the colors used in that fabric.  You can use those as a guide for matching up fabrics.

Now, I think this is fun, Moda has started using little pictures instead of circles.

Just for fun, if you come into the store (or call us) between today and July 2 and can identify which fabric line this one on the very bottom comes from, you can have 20% off a cut of any fabric in the line (if you buy at least a yard).  If you can identify exactly which fabric in the line this comes from, you can have 25% off a cut of that specific fabric (1 yard minimum).  No guessing in the comments section, please, you might give the answer away!  You can click on the picture for a larger image (and we might give you some hints when you come in or call).

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