Friday, May 31, 2013

Katrina's Wedding

Many of you have asked for pictures of the wedding, so we thought we'd put up a few :) Most of these were either taken by Delphine's son, Chris, or Katrina's college roommate, who just so happens to be a very good wedding photographer.

The groom's cake was a traditional English wedding cake (which is fruitcake covered in marzipan and fondant). It was really good. When done correctly, fruitcake is quite good. The sides of the cake are patterned after the Jones tartan. The cake was done by Patty Blanzy.

The second lovely cake was made by Katrina's aunt. It was also really good (chocolate with buttercream frosting), and very pretty. It's topped with a pair of dragons that Katrina made (as in, sewed, turned, stuffed, and then painted). They're made of ultrasuede and have a full inner armature of wire, so they're fully posable. They're about 3.5 inches tall. You can see more pictures of them by clicking here.

The wedding quilt, made and quilted by Delphine. This is a Judy Niemeyer Dragon Star, and it's gorgeous.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More New Samples!

I've been busy getting some more samples finished up before I move to Scotland!

This first one is called "Flatty Cat". It's a pattern by La Todera Designs. It can be made in two sizes, adult or kitten, and makes a great pillow, or a toy, or just a fun decoration. This is the adult size.

This is the "Flatty Dog". He's puppy size.

This fun toy is called a "Bopple Ball". It's intended for toddlers, but I've discovered that it makes for great stress relief for adults too :)

One of our favorite ways to use cute fabric and make baby/kid quilts is to make a simple strip quilt. I've been wanting to do something with the Berenstain Bears fabric ever since it came in, and I finally made it into a strip quilt! We don't have kits of this made, but we have instructions available and could easily cut you a kit.


This is what we used for the back:

Another fun strip quilt :) We also do not have kits made up for this, but we do have the instructions available and could quickly cut you a kit if you would like.

Also, I said that I was going to make a messenger bag out of that bicycle fabric, and I did! This is the "Birdwatcher Bag", which we have patterns for. I really like it. It had great directions, sewed up easily and quickly, and it's a great little bag.

This is a sample of a kit made from the Mango Tango line. It is 58" x 69" and the kit is $78.99.

I like pieced backs, so this is the back:

Finally, Judy Abeel made us another very pretty sample! This is also available as a kit. It finishes at 52" x 62" and the kit is $65.99

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Paula Nadelstern Quilts and the Grand Hotel

Currently, there is a needlework/knitting/quilting retreat going on at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. A friend of ours, Barbie, from the Backstreet Quilt Shop downstate, is a vendor there. We offered to help her set up earlier this week because we like her, and because it was a good excuse to go to Mackinac Island, and we've never gotten to go inside the Grand before :) It is pretty grand inside, and outside too. Some of the quilts Barbie was displaying are quilts made with Paula Nadelstern fabrics, and we thought you'd like seeing them. We just recently got these fabrics in at the store! Unfortunately, there are no patterns for the quilts, as they were made as samples for the company, but they're good idea starters.

First, a couple pictures of the Grand:


Now, pictures of the quilts:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More New Fabrics!

Lots of great fabrics just came in!

This first set is currently my favorite. It's called "Ride" and is from Windham Fabrics. I think this is some of the coolest cycling fabric I have ever seen. I'm planning on making a messenger bag out of these asap.

If you prefer golfing to biking, then we also have some great golf fabric! This is "Hole in One", also by Windham.

These butterflies have been here a couple of weeks now, but I kept forgetting to put up the picture. They're so pretty I really needed to put them up!

These birds are brand-new, and they are really well done. The way they laid these out is really neat. These are "Beautiful Birds" by Elizabeth's Studio.

An idea card came with the fabrics:

These are the complimentary fabrics: