Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More New Samples!

I've been busy getting some more samples finished up before I move to Scotland!

This first one is called "Flatty Cat". It's a pattern by La Todera Designs. It can be made in two sizes, adult or kitten, and makes a great pillow, or a toy, or just a fun decoration. This is the adult size.

This is the "Flatty Dog". He's puppy size.

This fun toy is called a "Bopple Ball". It's intended for toddlers, but I've discovered that it makes for great stress relief for adults too :)

One of our favorite ways to use cute fabric and make baby/kid quilts is to make a simple strip quilt. I've been wanting to do something with the Berenstain Bears fabric ever since it came in, and I finally made it into a strip quilt! We don't have kits of this made, but we have instructions available and could easily cut you a kit.


This is what we used for the back:

Another fun strip quilt :) We also do not have kits made up for this, but we do have the instructions available and could quickly cut you a kit if you would like.

Also, I said that I was going to make a messenger bag out of that bicycle fabric, and I did! This is the "Birdwatcher Bag", which we have patterns for. I really like it. It had great directions, sewed up easily and quickly, and it's a great little bag.

This is a sample of a kit made from the Mango Tango line. It is 58" x 69" and the kit is $78.99.

I like pieced backs, so this is the back:

Finally, Judy Abeel made us another very pretty sample! This is also available as a kit. It finishes at 52" x 62" and the kit is $65.99

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