Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More New Fabrics!

Lots of great fabrics just came in!

This first set is currently my favorite. It's called "Ride" and is from Windham Fabrics. I think this is some of the coolest cycling fabric I have ever seen. I'm planning on making a messenger bag out of these asap.

If you prefer golfing to biking, then we also have some great golf fabric! This is "Hole in One", also by Windham.

These butterflies have been here a couple of weeks now, but I kept forgetting to put up the picture. They're so pretty I really needed to put them up!

These birds are brand-new, and they are really well done. The way they laid these out is really neat. These are "Beautiful Birds" by Elizabeth's Studio.

An idea card came with the fabrics:

These are the complimentary fabrics:

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