Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baskets from the Women's Rural Cooperative of Ghana

This is what a round basket looks like after being separated from another round one.  They are "flattened" together so more can be put into the shipping boxes.

This style is called a U-Shopper. Some have a wrapped rim and others have a soft edge rim.

The one with the blue stripe is oval.

These are the round ones after being soaked in hot water and re-shaped to their original form.  All of these baskets and ones are that missing from the pictures came in the 2 boxes shown below.


  1. That's impressive how many baskets were fit into just two boxes! I brought some similar baskets home from an overseas trip and "flattened" them within each other in order to get everything in the suitcase, and was surprised by the number I could carry that way -- but your packers demonstrate some real talent for it!

  2. Drool! So beautiful--I think there were 3 there that I would love to have...


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