Saturday, February 18, 2012

Loghouse Retreat

The first weekend was February, 2012 launched retreats at the Loghouse!  There was a lot of sewing, good food, a white elephant exchange and much laughter. 

The spacious living room was converted into a well-lit sewing area!

Ann Rowland was our cook for healthy meals, such as, homemade soup, meatloaf, yummy salads and an awesome chicken dish!  Delphine made "almost no-knead bread" for lunch.

These were the results of a "use the packet of batting samples" challange and maybe win a door prize!

Our guardian for the weekend.

Helen McCoy put this Texas style Yellow Brick Road together over the weekend.

Jan Bonarski put together this quilt top.
Cheryl Code competed her Thangles quilt top.


  1. What fun and what a beautiful retreat log cabin!! You gals were very productive - such gorgeous quilts!

  2. Melinda, Owner, GaylordMarch 1, 2012 at 5:32 PM

    Thank you for visiting.
    I was happy to hear that your retreat was a big success.
    I look forward to all of you returning next year!

  3. Had a fabulous time! Can't wait till next year!


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