Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quilting Songs!

Ann and Will Rowland (whom I know as Aunt Ann and Uncle Will) are making a CD of quilting songs!  I'm pretty excited to hear the CD when it comes out; it's going to full of fun songs!  As they say, "The songs are about quilts, the people who make them, the history of both, and the stories they have to tell. They have become favorites with our audiences, even the men, because they speak of home and family, theft, chocolate, and mischief.  The time has come to get them recorded. Listeners have been asking. We've been trying. But the bottom line is that we need some help to get this thing done. Songs, quilts and people... they're all made up of lots of little parts.  This is your opportunity to be part of our musical quilt. The songs are ready to go. The CD cover is almost finished... All we need is a Kickstart!"

To help them with the funds for producing the CD, they've started a fundraiser on Kickstarter.  If you make a pledge, you get a gift!  BUT they need to get enough pledges to cover $10,000 total by July 4.  Otherwise, the project doesn't get funded and you don't get charged for your pledge.

Here's the link to their fundraiser:

...and here's their video (which is on the link above):

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