Monday, March 30, 2015

Primitive Gathering Antique Flower Garden

Delphine has been working on making a sample of Primitive Gatherings' Antique Flower Garden! It's a beautiful wool applique on flannel, which is so nice for your hands to work with.

Here's the cover of the pattern, showing what the finished quilt will look like (it finishes at 44" x 46"). We have the recommended flannel for the background plus wool kits from Primitive Gatherings for the applique! The wool kit is not pre-cut. You do need to trace out all the pieces onto fusible and then cut them out. But we like tracing and cutting with scissors, so that part can be enjoyable and relaxing, not tedious.

This is the center medallion with the applique fused on. Beautiful, isn't it?

Nope, we didn't toss some green noodles on the quilt. Those are skinny strips of wool for the border vines!

Lots and lots of little pieces!

The totally fused quilt top! Delphine made an "oops" when laying it out and realized half-way through that the fabric was width-wise, rather than length-wise on the board. So the nap of the flannel is exactly going sideways, but you really can't tell even close up. And now the quilt is wider than it is long, the exact opposite of the pattern layout! But, at that shape, it'll look nice on a wall, so not a bad mistake to make.

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