Sunday, June 30, 2013

Prairie Women's Sewing Circle

Another club that's been having fun is the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle. Here are some pictures of their latest beautiful projects:

Friday, June 28, 2013

Quilts of Valor Club

The Quilts of Valor Club has begun meeting! Here are a couple of pictures from the last meeting:

You can still join the club if you wish! Details are as follows:

Each month, bring your machine, normal sewing notions, and your lunch.
We will have the fabric pre-cut and ready for sewing.
We will also ask for a donation of $5 each month to offset the cost of the fabric and batting.
As the quilt tops are completed, we will get them quilted so that the following month we can work on a new top and bind the previous quilt. All quilts will be donated to the Michigan branch of the QOV organization or to our local veterans. You are welcome to join us for a full day of sewing or stay as long as you wish. Any questions can be directed to Judy Stone at
Please call the store at 989.732.1252 to sign up (so we know how many quilters to expect).

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fiona Tuffet Travels to Berlin

Fiona recently went to Berlin! While there, she stopped by the Legoland Discovery Centre, and got to see Berlin made in miniature out of Legos.

the Berliner Dom made of Legos:

There's a Lego reenactment of the fall of the Berlin Wall that cycles through every few minutes during part of the day. The exhibit is set up so that it gradually goes through a full day and night with the lighting and sounds.

 The Reichstag made of Legos:

Fiona also saw part of the Belin wall.

This shop surprised us! I don't think I have ever seen so many antique sewing machines in my life! All of their windows are full of a display of sewing machines, and they have a lot of windows. I thought that just this one window was impressive, and then I walked around the corner. Then I walked around another corner . . . They must have over a thousand machines.

All those windows are full of machines...

Fiona also got to go to the Berlin Zoo. She found some fluffy animals that almost look like her.

Finally, here's Fiona in front of the Reichstag:

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Store Samples!

We have some new samples in the shop! One of them is this stunning Christmas tree skirt. It is a sample of the "Christmas Celebration" pattern by Judy Niemeyer. This sample was made by Sylvia, who finds the pattern easy to work with - this is her 2nd tree skirt from this pattern!

 This lovely, soft colored quilt was made and quilted by Terry Gravila, a local long-arm quilter, to showcase her free handed quilting designs. She used fabrics from the European Taupe collection.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Quilt Magazines for Charity!

Are you need of inexpensive reading and inspiration material?  Delphine has cleaned out her extensive magazine collection, of several years, and is selling 100s of them to raise funds for the Friendship Shelter located in Gaylord.  It provides housing, education, counseling and hope for people in need of these services.  Stop by and take home not only quilting magazines, but Threads and Piecework magazines! Suggested donation is $1.00 each and Japanese magazines are a suggested donation of $5.00 each.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Fiona Tuffet's Travels

Perhaps you have heard of Eugenia Tuffet, the traveling sheep from Just Another Button Company? Well, she has a cousin, Fiona, who is just as fond of traveling. We’ve sent her off with Katrina and Andrew (think, “Mary had a little lamb”) to travel with them and make sure that someone takes pictures to share with you. We’ll be doing our best to keep up with all her traveling and picture-taking, so you should be seeing updates somewhat regularly in this album and on our blog! There were far too many pictures in this first batch for me to be able to put them all in a blog post, so here is the link to the facebook album containing all the pictures:
You don't need a facebook account to see the pictures. Let me know if it doesn't work!
Here are a couple of pictures:
Fiona at our shop:
Over the Moon for Ewe is starry-eyed for Miss Fiona...
 And here she is at Torch Lake: