Monday, June 3, 2013

Fiona Tuffet's Travels

Perhaps you have heard of Eugenia Tuffet, the traveling sheep from Just Another Button Company? Well, she has a cousin, Fiona, who is just as fond of traveling. We’ve sent her off with Katrina and Andrew (think, “Mary had a little lamb”) to travel with them and make sure that someone takes pictures to share with you. We’ll be doing our best to keep up with all her traveling and picture-taking, so you should be seeing updates somewhat regularly in this album and on our blog! There were far too many pictures in this first batch for me to be able to put them all in a blog post, so here is the link to the facebook album containing all the pictures:
You don't need a facebook account to see the pictures. Let me know if it doesn't work!
Here are a couple of pictures:
Fiona at our shop:
Over the Moon for Ewe is starry-eyed for Miss Fiona...
 And here she is at Torch Lake:

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