Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quilts of Valor

The Quilts of Valor Club is pleased to announce that they have completed 3 quilts! These quilts will be sent along with 4 others - 3 that were donated by customers and 1 that was a store sample, to the Michigan Quilts of Valor Regional Co-ordinator for distribution to Michigan veterans and servicemen.  The current requests outnumber the available quilts by 2 to 1!  Please check out for the guidelines of making and donating a quilt.  Delphine's is a collection point for the quilts. The shop has bins of gently used quilt and sewing magazines in the classroom that we ask a $1.00 donation for to help fund the cost of fabrics and shipping for the Quilts of Valor program. 

If you noticed that we said we're sending seven quilts, but there are only six quilts pictured, that's because this one has a twin.


  1. What beautiful quilts! Thanks for displaying them before they are sent away!!

  2. Beautiful quilts and what a wonderful group of ladies to give of their time and talent to such a worthy cause!


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