Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We recently got in a couple of very cute quilt-related books and the associated fabrics. Mooshka is a story about a little girl and her quilt, and Where is Catkin? is a cute little book with a cat. Both are illustrated by one of our favorite fabric designers.

You can actually make the quilt from the Mooshka book.We have the entire line and have made a few kits of the quilt! The quilt finishes at 66.5" x 96.5" and is priced at $149.99. Binding is included. The fabric requirements they give you are extremely generous. I was able to make the quilt top, a matching pillowcase and doll dress, and part of the backing. I also had cut out all of the triangles without really counting, so I somehow ended up with enough triangles left over that I'm now making them into a small throw. Had I not cut them up, I probably could have pieced nearly all of the backing from the leftovers.

There is also a pre-printed panel that makes a kitty and a kitty quilt. The quilt just has to be backed, quilted, and bound. The "piecing" is already printed on.

We also got in a few great kitty fabrics by the same designer:

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