Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The new section of the store is finally getting a new floor! Also, the walls are now painted, and it's already looking much improved. Soon, the back half of the new side will be ready to be set up as a classroom, and there are plans to have more open sewing days there.

This is the back part of the room as the process was just getting started:

The floor is nearly done, after Dad and Wes spent a good part of their New Year's Day working on it.


This is how it looks today. It already looks so much better!

All of the sale item are currently on this side of the doorway. Regular priced items are on the other side (next picture). Since we're getting tired of constantly rearranging everything over here, we'd like to reduce the amount of stuff we need to move when the floor is done. Therefore, until the floor gets done, all sale items are 50% off the original price, and all regularly items in this room are 20% off. The floor will only take a couple more days to finish, so now's the time to get some good prices in this room!

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