Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fabrics on Sale! (Christmas, Fall, and Sale)

Christmas and fall fabrics are now on sale! All are located in the back of the store and are marked with green dots on the ends of the bolts. They are all now $8.00 a yard, with only a quarter yard minimum cut.
Also, all the fabric in the sale area is now $6.00 a yard. There are some really great fabrics in both places. If you haven't seen the new section of the store, stop on by and give it a look! It's great. We cut a hole in the wall and rented the space next to us. Currently, the sale area is in the new side, along with a full wall displaying samples, some samples for sale, and some t-shirts and lovely scarves.

Here are a couple pictures of the sale fabrics:


...and here are the Christmas fabrics. Be careful when you look for the ones on sale, though. There are some non-Christmas, non-fall fabrics in this area now, so you'll have to look for the green dots.

*note: Only the fabrics on the top shelf of the picture below are considered "Christmas". The others are "winter" fabrics.

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