Thursday, July 19, 2012

Willkommen bei Alpenfest und Delphine's !!

Welcome to Alpenfest and Delphine's !!

This week the city of Gaylord presents their 48th annual Alpenfest!  If you are in the area, you must stop in town to partake all the festivities from crafts to cuisine to carnival rides, free food, um-pah-pah bands, contests like the ugliest dog contest or the prettiest ankles contest, a parade, and more.  It all begins at 6pm Tuesday, July 17 and ends Saturday evening.

Stop by Delphine's while in town - there is plenty of parking available and "Wir sind gerade um die Ecke von der Alpenstrasse",  which translates to, "We are just around the corner from the Alpenstrasse".

We always have sale bolts from $5 to $8 per yard as well as 20% off Christmas fabric and kits.

The gals in the shop collaborated on this dirndl quilt a few years ago - come see it in person and we also have the pattern for you to purchase if you wish.  It was such fun for each of us to create our own dirndl - the traditional dress of the Alps.

Delphine, Katrina and Cathy are wearing their life-size dirndls for Alpenfest!
Katrina and Delphine were caught outside with Herr Gessler.   You can read more about the legend of evil ruler Herr Gessler and William Tell at


  1. Wish I was there to see you all dressed up in Alpen fest attire! You all look very cute in your traditional dresses! Have fun and I hope to see you next week before Katrina leaves for "rainy" Scotland!

  2. I remember someone else posing with Herr Gessler!! Happy Alpenfest!

  3. Sehr schon!! Such beauties! Love the Alpenfest and Delphines too!!


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