Thursday, July 28, 2011

County Fair

A few years ago, Judy Stone designed a "County Fair" pattern.  Yesterday, Alicyn (14) came in to find a border for her "County Fair" quilt!  She made a couple changes and really made the quilt her own.  Great job Alicyn!

Play Ball!

We now have some great fabrics for the sports fan(s) in your life!  We have hockey, football, baseball, and basketball.  Each one has a playing field panel and some coordinates.

The football field fabric is still on the bolt, since we haven't yet decided whether to cut it into panels or sell it by the yard.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scissors, Fabrics, and Featherweight Tables

Once again, we've had all kinds of fun, new stuff come in!  First, we have some adorable, kitty scissors.  We sold eight of these the day they came in!

We also have some nice featherweight tables.  They look white, but they're actually clear.  The white is just there to protect the table until you buy it, then it gets peeled off.

Now this I am excited for.  I knew we were getting this in, and I've been waiting for it.  It FINALLY came in yesterday!  We now have Grinch flannel :)

Also, some other new fabrics that came in:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fun with Australian Fabrics

Be warned: if you come into our shop wearing something that we think looks cool, we may ask to take your picture.  A lady came in today wearing a "Kerry's Big Shirt" made out of Australian fabrics, and it looked great!

She also had a really neat purse made out of batiks and Australian prints.  This is her own design.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Christmas (and other fabrics)

We just got in some great fabric from South Sea Imports.  Really, the detail in this is exquisite!  We're pretty excited to make some projects out of this. 

Also just in, some cute barnyard animals:

...some more flannel:

...some batiks:

...and some Fusions:

Also, we've had Moda's "What's Cookin'?" line for awhile.  We've sold out of everything on the bolt, but still have some fat quarter bundles.  Those bundles just got broken up, so now you can pick and choose which fat quarters you might want!

This is a sampling of just a few of the fabrics in the basket: