Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I just thought I'd share some pictures from around the store.  Most of these aren't quite "new" anymore, but they're still fun, and I don't think I've put them up before.

First is this fun quilt designed by Shelly Stallard:

This is a kit that we have out of some Asian fabrics.  The sample is a smaller version of what the kit will make.

This is Jerri's sample for the Radiant Star class, along with some baskets from Aunt Grace's Garden Party.

I was straightening up the batiks, and I discovered some really neat ones.  We have a selection of one-yard cuts that we ordered, and there are some really great pieces in there.  We don't have them on the bolt, just in the one-yard cuts, and they're a lot of fun to look through.

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